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Fruits and Vegetable Ingredients

What we value the most here at Vortex is our commitment of providing you the largest portfolio of high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients. They are sustainably sourced globally to ensure year-round ripeness and availability. Our teams ensure that products consistently meet the highest of quality checks.

Our clients have unique requirements that differ industry to industry. We understand this and take pride in being flexible in order to meet their demands. For example, we can alter the viscosity of fruit purees to meet your precise needs.

Natural fruit and vegetable ingredients can add numerous advantages to your products and allow you to appeal to more customers since their lifestyles are recently shifting towards healthier and more natural options.

To ensure homogeneity in our products, we can provide you with certificates of fair trade upon request.

Our unique strengths

Experienced professionals from around the world: our large network of farmers, florists, bee keepers etc. ensure that you not only have access to a larger variety of natural ingredients but it means that you can also access new markets by taking advantage of local preferences.

Innovation: drawing on years of expertise combined with leading-edge technology means that we can work with you to provide the most innovative solutions for your consumer base, however complex it may be.

High quality natural ingredients: natural raw flavours have the ability to transform any product. It has many advantages not just for your consumers but also for the planet. Our range of high quality raw natural ingredients are second to none.

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