Smart solutions for the ice cream industry.

Refresh your portfolio with innovative ideas and natural ingredients

– and enjoy our comprehensive expertise.

Are you looking for a classic, indulgent or a new trending Dairy or Ice cream product? Do you want to exploit the opportunities of growing market abroad or add reduced sugar strawberry, vanilla and Chocolate or fruity, warm or spicy flavours for yoghurts, dairy desserts and ice creams?

Vortex Products can be your experienced and inspiring partner – from sweet and savoury flavours for cheese-based products and spreadable fats. Our extensive selection of indulgent flavours also includes functional solutions to enhance buttery and creamy

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary, integrated:

What makes Vortex the best choice for
the dairy & ice cream industry.

A fruity taste, a natural colour, a sparkling mouthfeel or functional benefits from vitamins and minerals – whatever properties you want to give your beverages, Döhler provides you with the right natural ingredients for a unique multi-sensory experience.

Natural Flavours »
Vortex is committed to providing natural flavours by leveraging our extensive expertise as well as building close relationships
with high quality local producers from around the world

Natural Colours »

Vortex has always had a reputation for providing the most promising solutions for your colour needs. Choose from a wide-ranging portfolio
and work with our expert teams to achieve a lasting application to your product.

Coating Systems »

Vortex has created coating systems that have proven to endure to test of time as well as displaying magnificent colours with no stickiness.
With no effect on the confectionery flavour, you can rest assured that the look that’s right for you isn’t subjected to compromise.

Health & Dairy and Dairy-alternative ingredients »
Vortex uses cream, milk and yogurt to create dairy ingredients with a long shelf life and pH-neutral and acid-stable properties.
These solutions are idyllic for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Fruit & Fermented Ingredients »
Vortex offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ferments to ensure your beverage’s requirements are met.

Tea & Dry fruit and vegetable ingredients »
In a world of changing trends, one characteristic stays in demand forever: natural raw ingredients. At Vortex, we recognise
how important this is for our clients which is why we have developed specialised teams to work with you and create tailor-made solutions using the latest technologies.

Tea & Fruit and vegetable ingredients »
What we value the most here at Vortex is our commitment of providing you the largest portfolio of high-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients. They are sustainably sourced globally to ensure year-round ripeness and availability. Our teams ensure that products consistently meet the highest of quality checks.

Be it flavours, colours, sweetening or vitamins, our all-in-one compounds contain all the ingredients you need for your ready-to-drink water plus beverage – coordinated accurately and tailored to the particular characteristics of your water.

Product Solutions
From the idea to the final food & beverage.

Unlock new markets and target groups – with innovative flavours, new natural ingredients such as plant or fruit extracts, and innovative concepts such as water enhancers. Döhler develops the right product solutions for you, including for alternative beverage categories and the food industry.

Water Plus »

Still Drinks »

Fruit Splash »

Carbonated Soft Drinks »

Sports Drinks & Nutritional Drinks »

Tea, Coffee and Herbal Beverages »

Syrups & Beverage Powders »

Service Solutions
Process optimisation from innovation to filling.

With our comprehensive services, we support you in every step of the supply chain – from the first idea to filling your beverages.

Analytical & Technical Services »

Supply Chain Services »

Quality & Food Safety Solutions »

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