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Module 1

Let’s Relate – Friend

What is your own opinion about this question:

Select one option: Women should dress and behave responsibly to avoid sexual assaults

  • Fully agree
  • Partly agree/disagree
  • Fully disagree
  • Not sure

Wouldn’t you also like to know the opinion of your friends about such questions? It is not always about having the same opinions. There are many such questions in the module.

The entire experience of reflecting through all questions, matching the results with your friends and sharing it on social media is a lot of fun and excitement.

It leads to better awareness about your own views and views of your friends. It helps in relating better with each other. It improves mutual understanding for enjoying quality friendships…

Module 2

Let’s Relate – Lover

When you decide to spend the lifetime together with someone special, don’t you think it is valuable to know each other’s opinions about important matters in life? For example:

Multiple selection: What do you like

  • Tattoo
  • Public Display of Affection
  • Sexy clothing
  • Flirting
  • Partying
  • None of these

Explore such questions, answer them and match the results with your lover.

Share the “result screen” on different social media. Only your lover can see your answers. Enjoy the fun and frolic of comparing and matching 100 questions-answers with your lover.

Know yourself. Know your lover. Enjoy a better relationship. Let’s Relate better …

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Module 3

Let’s Relate – Star

We follow many of our favourite stars (film stars, pop stars, sports stars, etc) on social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

“Let’s Relate” provides an opportunity to connect with our stars by sharing and matching our views about different things in life. For example:


  • Cruelty towards animals
  • Harmful for environment
  • Healthy
  • Unhealthy
  • Not sure

You express your opinions and choices on “Let’s Relate Star” and then share it with your favourite stars on twitter, Instagram, etc. There are 50 questions for fans and stars.

Stars would also like to engage with their fans and followers by sharing their views.

It will be a lot of fun and thrill to match our choices with our favourite stars and then post results on the social media.

Module 4

Let’s Relate – Leader

We follow many political, business and religious leaders on social media. We give “likes” to their activities and posts. Their thinking and actions can influence millions of lives.

“Let’s Relate Leader” provides an opportunity to connect better with them. For example:

SELECT ONE: Military service should be compulsory for everybody for a certain minimum period

  • Fully agree
  • Partly agree/disagree
  • Fully disagree
  • Not sure

You express your opinions on “Let’s Relate Leader” and share it with your leader on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Leaders would also like to engage with their followers and respond by sharing their opinions and positions.

It will be great to compare and match 50 such questions-answers with your favourite leaders. You can relate better with leaders of your town, state, country or even world leaders.

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