Industry Served

Vortex Products Limited along and its Asian partner Vortex lead the market in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API, Intermediates, Industrial, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals and has been consistently at the forefront of innovation and production.
We have set the benchmark for production and development, serving to the needs of our clients as per their specific needs and requirements across a variety of different industries. We source and supply chemicals after gaining a complete insight on the industry. Our professionals are highly skilled to meet the specific requirements of customers along with the appropriate documentation and systems required for various regulated markets to serve the international pharmaceutical industry.
Our joint partnership with Vortex Products Limited and progression through the industry allows us to grow together and maintain a superior quality in the chemicals, API’s and Pharmaceutical Intermediates we produce. In combining our skills, experience and expertise allows to meet the most specific of needs and supply the most wide-ranging of products.

Industries We Serve And Supply Different Variety Of Chemicals:

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Vortex Products Limited and its partners have been associated with the pharmaceuticals for the last two decades, mainly through the API’s, Intermediates, Nutraceuticals, Expecients and other bulk pharma raw materials. We offer the highest quality chemicals including- Tigecycline CAS number: 220620-09-7 , Tilidine CAS number: 51931-66-9 (20380-58-9), Sermorelin , CAS number: 86168-78-7, Serratiopeptidase CAS number: 37312-62-2 Sertaconazole nitrate CAS number: 99592-32-2 etc. for the pharmaceutical industry.

Agriculture Industry

Vortex Products Limited offers a number raw material chemicals used in the manufacturing of crop protection chemicals, like insecticides, fungicides and herbicides as well as plant growth regulators. We are a renowned supplier of organic and inorganic chemicals to the agricultural sector because of the quality of our products and services.

Textile Sector and Dyes Industry

The textile dyeing and finishing sector makes use of substantial quantities of complex chemicals. There are several reducing agents generally utilised in the textile industry for a number of application. Vortex Products Limited supply a range of organic and inorganic chemicals to meet the demands of the textile industry and dyes industries raw materials. We are a one-stop shop for all types of chemicals required for textile processing. Being an industry leader, we present a wide array of products for the textile sector. These products are fabricated with the highest-grade of materials that are sourced from varies established and verified manufacturing companies.

Food & Beverages Industry

Our chemicals are largely used in the food and beverage industry. Factory-made foods have often require chemical additives to help maintain a nourished diet. This is one area which may raise concern for consumers and well and producers. We at Vortex Products Limited alleviate and worries that anyone may have and ensure to provide only the safest and most tested chemicals so that all customers can be assured knowing what they receive is only the best chemicals for their products. Vortex Products Limited source and supply organic and inorganic chemicals that are completely safe to use. Nutraceuticals are used as nutrients in order to maintain or improve the nutritional quality of food. For example, minerals and vitamins are added to several common foods like milk, flour, cereals and margarine to add to the total nutrition content for people lacking in any particular element. Under the guidance of our experts, we offer a huge variety of chemicals for the food and beverages sector to our customers. Our range of products includes, Ammonium Phosphate CAS NO-68333-79-9, Mono Potassium Phosphate CAS NO-7778-53-2, Tetra ethylammonium acetate, CAS NO-1185-59-7, Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate, CAS NO-312-93-6, Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate, CAS NO-7446-20-0 and Zinc acetate, CAS NO-557-34-6.

Laboratory & Research Industry

We offer a portfolio of various products comprising of various analytical reagents, research & specialty chemicals, indicators & stains, pharmacopeia grade chemicals, used for laboratory and research sector. Our range of products includes, Ammonium Acetate, Ammonium Sulphate, Potassium Sulphate, and Sodium Acetate Tri Potassium phosphate, CAS NO-7778-53-2.

Anodizing & Alloys Industry

We provide an array of high quality Anodizing & Alloys to our clients. Our aim is serve all our clients with the best solution to their needs. Our product range includes, Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate, CAS NO-68915-31-1 / 10124-56-8 di sodium phosphate, mono phosphate, tri phosphate, sulphate, acid, hydrogen carbonate, chromate, calcium bi chromate.

Metal Treatment Chemicals Industry

Vortex Products Limited is deeply engaged in the supply of a wide range of Metal Treatment Chemicals. These chemicals are used in a variety of industries like Textile, Agriculture And Pharmaceuticals. They are highly appreciated for their fine and superior quality. Various chemicals available with us are Metal Treatment Chemicals and Effluent Treatment Chemicals.

Soap & Detergents Industry

Vortex Products Limited holds an expertise in sourcing and supplying a wide range of chemicals for Soap & Detergents industry. These products are of superior quality and can be can be confirmed from our rigorous testing procedures. Various products available with us include Soap, Detergents, and Surfactants. Citric Acid, Glauber Salt, Sodium Sulphate, Oxalic Acid, Sodium Bisulphate, Sodium Silicate, Silica Gel, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Bicarbonate.

Paper & Paint Chemicals Industry

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Paper & Paint Chemicals. In such a demanding industry we provide and array of different chemicals such as, Diammonium Phosphate, Trisodium Phosphate, bleaching Powder, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Titanium dioxide, CAS NO-13463-67-7, Zinc oxide, CAS NO-1314-13-2 (8051-03-4) Etc.

Electroplating Chemicals Industry

Vortex Products Limited offer broad range of high quality Electroplating Chemicals to our clients. Our range of product includes, Stannous chloride, potassium hydroxide lye, caustic soda, sodium sulphite, silicate, sodium chlorite, lead oxide.

Ceramics Chemicals Industry

Vortex Products Limited offers wide range of Ceramics Chemicals to our respected clients. Various products includes Potassium Citrate, Potassium Iodide, Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Quick Lime, Sodium

Summary of Industries We Serve

Below is a A-Z list of various industries we supply our wide range of chemicals as per their requirements:
Abrasive Agro Chemicals Electroplating chemicals Pharmaceuticals
Agriculture Sector Fertilizers , Glass Pharmaceuticals Sector
Alloys Anodizing Anti corrosives chemicals Fine Chemicals Pharmaceuticals raw materials
Anti rust chemicals Food & Beverages Sector Phosphorous compound
Auxiliary chemicals Industrial chemicals Plasticizers
Batteries Laboratory & Research Sector Soap & Detergents
Bulk drugs Laboratory chemicals Solvent Extraction / Refinery
Cement manufacturer Metal finishing chemicals Spices Extraction
Ceramics chemicals Miscellaneous Chemicals Textile Sector
Chemical for foundry Other Fine Chemical Sectors Textiles chemicals
Detergent Paints chemicals Water Treatment Chemicals
Drugs Effluent treatment chemicals Paper chemicals
Dyes & Pigment Pesticides